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When is the last thing that you have tried something new? No really… when? 

We are creatures of habit, which means we tend to do the same thing. Again. And again. Doing something new is unfamiliar, which can be scarier than knowing that you will fail at doing something you regularly do. 

The last thing I tried was the Camp Gladiator workout last week. From the point that I found out about it, I said I was going to go. It was a few hours before hand, and I was starting to doubt myself. I wasn’t sure if I should really do it because a) I’m not that strong (especially in my arms) and b) I didn’t know anyone who was going. I told myself that I couldn’t not do it, especially since it was literally steps away from my apartment. 

And you know what? Despite having incredibly sore arms (think pain to make any movement) for days afterwards, it was a lot of fun. I learned some new fitness moves and was happy that I went through with trying it and didn’t bail out at the last minute. 

Studies have found that we are happier when we try something new:

Psychologist Rich Walker of Winston-Salem State University looked at 30,000 event memories and over 500 diaries, ranging from durations of 3 months to 4 years, and says that people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones than people who have fewer experiences.

So while it may be scary, trying something new can switch things up and keep you challenged.

Being challenged = growth. 

Growth = change.



It can give you an opportunity to find something new that you love in life — whether its a new hobby, a new restaurant or even a new friend. Just go for it. And you know what, if it doesn’t work out — where you don’t find something awesome — you will have an awesome story to share. (Like all those awesome Pinterest fails.)


When is the last you tried something new? What happened?

What is something new you want to try? What’s holding you back?


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