So, this morning was supposed to be the last attempt at running before the Houston Marathon to see if I could do it. Thank you all for your support and kind words… I loved reading all of your advice and it was truly helpful for me to think through my decision. I actually think I came to terms yesterday that I was going to have to DNS the race, but wanted to see how the run went this morning… just in case there was some sort of miracle, you know. 

I must say it is CHILLY in Austin… 17*!! When we moved down here, I was not expecting to see this weather but the Midwesterner in me LOVES it. 

Anyways, I was skeptical (considering my hamstring hurts just sitting here)… but still trying to be positive.


The run started off significantly better than my last attempt and I thought I was in the clear. Could it be? 

I made it .75 miles before the runner’s knee pain kicked in and I knew that it was the end. I tried to push on for a bit more but figured that was just stupid, if I couldn’t even make it a mile, how was I going to make it 26.2 miles in a week and a half? 

So, at some point today, I will be deferring my entry into next year’s race.

I am bummed, but no sense in dwelling on it… it is what it is. 



And now it’s time to rehab this hamstring (which could have been strained for 6+ months since I’ve been feeling pain for awhile… I kinda forgot that whole “listen to your body” thing, I guess) and figure out why 2014 is hating on me so bad so far this year. 


What’s the weather like by you? 

RANDOM: Tell me something you are really happy/excited/etc. about!



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