I am so excited to introduce a new series here in 2014! The Faces of Fitness series will profile 50 of the best health and fitness bloggers out there on the web.


These features will appear on most Thursdays throughout the year. The series is built on recognizing and appreciating the specific aspects of each blogger so the questions will never be the same… that way, you can get the best advice from the best! 

This week, I’m excited to feature GiGi Eats Celebrities. I am not sure how I came across her blog, but it is AWESOME. She has such a real personality and will definitely make you smile, even on your gloomiest of days. I hope you enjoy!



Where to find GiGi Eats Celebrities:



1.     Love your blog name! How did you come up with it?

Well I take pride in the fact that I tell it like it is, so to be completely honest, I eat celebrities. Ryan Reynolds is by far the tastiest dish. Ha Ha! Just kidding. In all actuality, what started out as a blog and vlog based solely on the ridiculous world of celebrity diets and fitness trends has since expanded to also include a mish-mash of videos and blog posts dedicated to healthy yet delicious recipes (which is 100% possible), the truth behind specific food products (those low-fat chips may cause… well you know), spoof videos, character sketches based around food (have you seen my Santa Claus video?) and so much more!


2.     It’s the New Year and so many people have resolutions to make this their best year. What is your advice for making it happen?

If you are going to set resolutions for yourself, make them small and give yourself a deadline. Don’t you dare resolve to swim across the Atlantic Ocean in March if you really can only do the doggy paddle, or don’t decide that you are going to hike the entire Inca trail in a month if you live at sea level and only exercise for 30 minutes a week. Instead, create doable resolutions such as, increasing your activity from 30 minutes a week to 150 minutes a week. Or try a new exercise class once a month or even make the resolution of just trying a new vegetable every week. These types of resolutions are far more attainable than believing you will be able to cross riding a whale in the Arctic Ocean off your resolution list come December 31, 2014.


 3.     Speaking of New Year resolutions, do you have any? What are they? 

No resolutions for me! That would imply that I am not perfect. Ah ha ha ha! Oh I am most definitely kidding when I say that, because I am far from perfect and I am actually quite okay with that. To me perfection is boring. Instead of resolutions, I set goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished over your entire life so when year-end comes, all you can do is reflect about how you furthered yourself to reach your ultimate goal(s)! I have an innumerable amount of goals and I am happy to report that I certainly feel as if I am on the right track to accomplishing all of them.


4.     If you could share one thing that you know now about yourself 10 years ago, what would it be? 

Don’t let others dictate the way you feel about yourself. When you look at magazines KNOW that they are all airbrushed/photo shopped to the point that some of the people in the ads are not actually real people, they are parts of different people all mashed together to make what someone in this world decided is the ideal image of beauty. I believe everyone needs to embrace what they were given because everyone is unique in their own way and everyone must remember that beauty is not what you look like, but how you act.


 5.     What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals? 

Think of someone who inspires you. Now ask yourself: did they give up? Most likely they had their downfalls and were on the verge of giving up, but decided to keep on pursuing their ultimate goals, and look at them now! Whether you need to lose 100 pounds, want to up your ante in terms of exercise or just want to try and get more sleep, don’t ever give up on yourself. Attaining goals does not happen over night you need to practice patience. It took me a while to find Ryan Reynolds… But, I did! 


Any questions for GiGi? Do you agree — is perfection boring?

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