It seems that the moment we start walking, we have a natural passion for running. What little kid have you encountered that doesn’t love running from spot to spot, exhausting his or her parents in the process? But at some point over the years, we lose that passion… and we just stop running. 

And suddenly, running doesn’t seem that much fun anymore. It still gives us the rush of energy, the rosy cheeks, the sheer excitement… deep down. But those elements needs to be uncovered at some point, and exposed at the surface to find our love of running once again. 

I remember being in middle school and hating running so much that my best friend and I would try to sprain our ankles as we made our loops around the track at the beginning of class. We never were successful, but it never stopped us from trying. We absolutely hated running. 

And then after 8th grade, I decided that I might want to lose some weight and knew that running was the best shot I had at doing that (along with eating a little better). Over the summer, I started my day with a five mile run. It was hard, it involved a lot of walking and I didn’t like it very much. I decided to sign up for cross country that fall since I really didn’t want to participate in another sport and still didn’t really love it. I started to like it more as I got a little bit faster through high school, but it wasn’t until my final year of college that I found my love of running once again. 

Life was crazy; I was juggling a part-time student job, an internship and a ridiculous amount of credits so I could graduate a year early. Running became my escape — the time when I could (at the time) jam to some music and just go. I didn’t have the right gear (I ran in some random Nikes I bought several years prior), but it just felt good. I started running a little further… and it just seemed right to sign up for my first marathon. 

During that training cycle, I learned so much more about running (and thanks to this handy training guide — great for first-time marathoners!) and gradually found my love for it again. It was a combination of joining a secret club, that involved getting up at the crack of dawn on summer Saturdays to beat the heat, and feeling so free of life and its problems for the XX minutes that I was on the road.

I read a lot of comments and blogs from people that are just getting into the sport and say running sucks and that it’s so boring; that they just don’t understand why people are so passionate about it. And to that I say: keep running.

You haven’t rediscovered your passion and your love for the sport. But once you do… you’ll see. And it is then that you will love every single step of the way. 


When did you rediscover your love of running? 

Do you think everyone has the potential to love running? 


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