Welcome to another edition of Faces of Fitness!


You can read all about the series here. This week, I am excited to feature Nicole from Apples and Arteries. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I love reading her blog and getting a peak at what’s going on in my home state. Plus, how can you not love someone with a passion for apples?! Enjoy!


Where to find Apples and Arteries


1. Tell us more about you (including your favorite kind of apple).  
I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and love to cook, workout, take my huge Labrador (Kostas) for walks, have fun with my blog, and enjoy life! 

You can probably tell by the name of my blog…I love apples!  My favorite has to be the honey crisp…an apple a day keeps the doctor away and makes for a good snack.   
2. What do you love most about starting a New Year?
I love the idea of recommitting to goals and thinking about what’s to come in the year ahead.   
crazyrunninggirl.applesandarteries2{Nicole got to workout with Dana Torres… lucky!}
3. Speaking of the New Year… do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? What are they? And how are you going to make them become reality?
I’m not that big on resolutions but I do think about goals/tweaks to my current “program”.  I took some time to decompress between the holidays and think about where do I need to make improvements.  Right now I’m focusing on organization!  Something as simple as reading my mail/taking care of to-dos every night rather than waiting for the weekend to go through the mail pile to spending less time on weekends racing around on errands.  Sounds silly, but those are time sinks!  
Fitness-wise, I’m committing to doing The Bar Method 3x/week (I have the set of DVDs) and getting back to 10K races.  
4. I know that it’s been chilly in Wisconsin the past few weeks. How do you stay on top of your workouts when it’s so cold outside?
Year-round I complete some sort of fitness activity everyday.  Some days it’s an early morning workout before a full day of work and other days it’s a long walk after work with my dog.  The weather has been VERY cold but I’m lucky to have a great at-home workout space and a very extensive collection of workout DVDs (yoga, The Bar Method, Bob Harper, etc.).  I also use apps and online fitness videos to add even more variety.  
5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals? 
Great question!  It could be something as simple as writing them down and posting them where you can see them everyday to telling at least a few people about the goals so they can help you stay accountable.  I think it’s also important to set goals that are reasonable and manageable. 
Thanks, Nicole! Any questions for our apple lover?
Anyone else have a goal to get organized in 2014? Tips to share?

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