Yesterday organizers of the Chicago Marathon announced that they are changing their marathon registration procedure for this year’s race.

lj{insert obligatory chicago marathon photo… from the 2011 race}


After last year’s registration snafu (remember how their system crashed for like the entire day?), they apparently wanted to implement a new system. So, they are going to a lottery-based system, but are offering guaranteed entry to women who have achieved a sub-3:45 marathon.

I feel like more and more races are going this route. NYC set the trend when they implemented it a few years ago, but there are a few other races that are also using this method (Houston Marathon, Marine Corps —> also new for 2014 race, London, Berlin)… while it makes it easier for race organizers to manage the influx of applications, I am just not in love with the idea of it. 

I get that it makes it more “fair” but I guess I’m part of the generation that loves instant gratification. I love being able to register and knowing that I’m in. The whole waiting around for months (aka NYC registration) is just annoying. Maybe that’s +1 for the appeal of smaller marathons…



I shared this awesome article on Facebook yesterday — 37 Things Only Runners Know. I agree with all of them but there are some I love a little more than the others:




{in my fridge…}






{but knowing you have no races on your calendar is even more painful…}








I am so excited because today I am doing something I’ve never done before… volunteering at a race expo! It seems like such a great way to give back to the running community and I feel like a jerk that I haven’t done it yet. 😉 


What do you think about lottery race registrations? Yay or nay?

Have you volunteered at an expo? What was your favorite part?

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