I am sure by now that you heard about Richard Sherman’s interview after last night’s Seahawks vs. 49ers showdown. If you haven’t, here it is:


Both C and I looked at each other with confusion as he spoke, and once we registered what was going on, applauded him for his passion and for standing up for himself. 

It wasn’t until we turned to our Facebook and Twitter that we realized that we were the only ones that felt that way. There was post after post about how classless he was, and how people were no longer going to support the Seahawks because of what he said. 

So, what exactly did he say that made people so mad?

Was it the “don’t you ever talk about me”? Or the way in which he said it?

Alright, I admit, maybe he shouldn’t have called Crabtree “sorry.” But when a man calls you out and says that you aren’t close to the best, shouldn’t you be mad? 

But honestly, were you on the field listening to the smack talk that was going back and forth the entire game? Because you know that goes on during every. single. play. It’s where these players get their fire. Or did you know how hard Sherman worked to get himself in that position, especially considering the rumors that the 49ers own coach smack talked Sherman so much that he fell in the draft?

As little kids grow up, we tell them to be passionate. To love themselves. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

And here, we have a man who is doing just that and suddenly we start hating on him. Sure, he didn’t approach it in the right way and it the timing was a little odd. But the man just WON a playoff game for his team, taking them to the Super Bowl — a game that only the best make it to. He was amped up and was expected to give a politically correct interview within minutes of walking off the field from the biggest game of his life. 

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks


Maybe we’ve always been so judgmental, maybe it’s things like social media that are making it easier for us to immediately come to a conclusion about a person and spread our thoughts to the world without actually really thinking about the situation. But honestly, because you make such a quick decision… put yourself in that person’s shoes and think about what that moment means to them and what it took to get there. Because without the full picture, you really can’t say what’s right or wrong.


What do you think? Do you think Sherman is “classless”?



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