This morning was the ZOOMA Texas kick-off training run. It was held at Texas Running Company.


They have these super cute shorts in stock:



But I think I need to wait until I say “y’all” before I can claim myself a Texan and wear these shorts.

My friend Casey came to the run this morning so we ran together the whole time, it was so much fun!








Group running, especially when held at a running store, can be intimidating but I think that it is a great way to learn more about the running community and meet new people! There are always a wide variety of paces, so it’s easy to find someone to run with. 

Other benefits:

1. Motivation to get out the door. Without this training run, I probably would not have run today. But knowing that I had committed to this run, I knew I couldn’t blow it off. 

2. Good practice for conversation pace. Let’s face it, when you run alone you can’t really practice conversation pace… without feeling super weird and creepy. It gives you the perfect opportunity

3. Learn new stuff. There are always a lot of different people at group training runs… people who have been running for what seems ever, and newbies that are just starting out. There’s an awesome opportunity to learn new stuff… new stretches, new run routes, new races. Whatever it is, a great way to become a better runner yourself.

4. Sample new products. Most often, group training runs will be sponsored by a company… maybe one that you have never heard of before. This morning, ZOOMA provided some free samples of Muscle Milk and Cytomax, among others. Great way to try out new products for free to see if they work for your lifestyle. 

5. Discounts! Especially if its held at a running/athletic apparel store, they typically give discounts to those who participate in the runs. Which is awesome if you are eyeing up some new gear.



Overall, a great way to start a lazy Sunday. 


Do you participate in group training runs? Do you prefer running with others or running alone?

How did you start your Sunday? Rest day or running day?


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