Does this happen to anyone else or do I have a psycho cat?

There is obviously a really nice fluffy spot waiting for him on the couch, but apparently my non-matching sweats and socks are way more comfortable for his liking. #weirdo


Today is another rest day for me, I am extremely paranoid about coming back to running too fast and getting injured again. Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles and so today will be a rest day from running, but I will continue my 30-day challenge! It has been a fun challenge and I love that the workouts are only 12 minutes long. You can find all of the videos on YouTube if you want to join in!

Another new workout friend:



I won these Muscle Ropes from a FitFluential chat on Twitter and feel so lucky. It is a really big and heavy jump rope. Remember how I’m terrible at jump roping? Yeah… even worse at these. I successfully was able to do 20… not in a row… but that’s another goal. 


And lastly, have you guys heard about Bulu Box



It’s an awesome monthly subscription service (seriously obsessed with these, check out 13 of my favorite) that sends you some samples of different health and fitness supplements and goodies. This month I received several different things:



I am still trying them out, so will keep you posted what I think! If you want to try it out on your own, you can save 50 percent with coupon code “BULUGAN961.”


Have you tried Bulu Box? What did you think?

Do you jump rope? 

Random —> what’s the weather like by you today? Chilly here today and we started getting sleet last night… but on Friday it will be in the high 70s!



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