Last year, I didn’t do a very good job reading new books. And, it made me sad. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes and the fact that it got pushed to the side just didn’t feel fact.

In fact, when I was younger, my parents used to have to take my books away from me at night because I would read under the covers in “secret” and not get any sleep. #booknerd

Anyways, one of my goals for this year is to read at least one book a month. For my first month, I of course chose a really long book: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I am a huge Stephen King fan. I probably started reading his books a little too early in my life, but whatever… we had a book shelf overflowing with his titles and I couldn’t resist.

Which ended up in a lot of nights where I would read until 2 or 3 a.m. (as a teen), but be too scared to get out of my bed and turn off the light. So I would just sleep with the light on. Thanks, Mr. King. 

Anyways, Doctor Sleep was no different. I read most of it in daytime, but it was still a little freaky… I would expect nothing less. It is a continuation of “The Shining” (which I now want to re-read) and continues the story Dan Torrance, as a much older (and wiser) adult. 

I don’t want to give too much away! But I have heard that this book has received mixed reviews. If you’re a Stephen King fan, you’ll love it. If you aren’t a Stephen King fan, I don’t understand you so I can’t explain if you would like it or not. 

In the midst of reading this book, I made a great decision —>



A shiny library card! YAY! And of course, picked out a book to read in February:



This was completely random and it just sounded interesting based on the description on the cover (I was going to get a book by Diane Chamberlain, as my sister says all of her books are amazing). Since this is much shorter than Doctor Sleep and I feel reinvigorated by the idea of reading, I would love to read two other books this month:


{need to read before the movie comes out!}




Overambitious? Maybe. 


Are you a Stephen King fan? Favorite book by him?

What are you reading now? 




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