Three cheers for today being the last day of January. 



Two words: good riddance.

I am not yet impressed with 2014, and if the rest of the year goes like January… no bueno. 

This month was rough. 

I couldn’t run.

I had to DNS the Houston Marathon.

Some jerkface backed into our new car.

And some other junk.

But it started to get better.

I started running again.

I began to look at spring marathons to run. 

We got our car fixed.

It wasn’t the end of the world, just a bunch of little annoying things that just were frustrating and dumb. Things could be a lot worse and in the midst of whining about it all, I found some great reminders for why life is great. 













Some highlights from this month:


And updates on my goals:

1. PR in every distance

  • I didn’t race at all in January, but I think all the focus on building up my other muscles will be awesome come race day! So excited to see how it will help me be a faster, better runner.

2. Strengthen and stretch

  • YES! I am doing such a good job at this and it needs to continue. I stretch my hamstrings every single night, have become BFFs with my foam roller and do tons of other exercises besides running. So proud of myself! This is a major win. Take that, January!

3. Read one book a month

4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • As you saw on Instagram, I am doing a good job with this. My mom just bought me yarn to participate in this crochet-a-long project. My DIY list is really long so I will have to pick up speed.

5. Get in a better financial state

  • I haven’t made leaps and bounds in this one yet, but I did start the weekly challenge I talked about. This will become a bigger focus as time goes on with lots of fun updates. In the meantime, send congrats to my friend Kimmy who paid off some major debts this month!


So yes, some great progress! It feels good to have attainable goals for once. But, needless to say… I am looking forward to February to see what it has to bring! Maybe with all the bad luck I had this month, I should buy a lottery ticket and see if it does a complete 180?


How was your January? Did you make any progress on your goals?

2014 —> YAY or NAY so far?!


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