Even though January wasn’t the greatest month in the world, I did find some new fitness products that I am absolutely in love with.

First off the bat is Fuelstrip. I was actually introduced to this product in December but have tried it out a few times since then and it’s awesome.


The idea behind it is that you test your sweat after a workout and based on that, it tells you how much you need to drink or how many gels to eat to replace your electrolytes. This is awesome, especially in hot weather. I find that I drink wayyy too much Gatorade and end up feeling sick on the floor. So knowing that I am doing it the right way is a relief. 

I was also introduced to several new fitness apparel brands, which were featured in an article I wrote for Examiner.com —>

The rise of the small fitness apparel company


First up is MooMotion which was created for female athletes to fill a niche that hasn’t been filled yet. The founder focuses on providing gear for triathletes, with a variety of awesome new designs. I am so love in with this jacket:




And then there’s Janji. Based on Boston, it’s a running apparel company that gives back to people in need with every purchase. Depending on what you purchase, you can give 8 meals to an American in need, or you can provide one year of drinking water to a person in Tanzania. 



I love the different designs and how they reflect the different parts of the world that they represent. 

I also learned about Cupid’s Undie Run (which I think would be a great race to run with someone who says they hate running… it’s so much fun they won’t even realize they are running!)… which is a one-mile(ish) fun run that is held Valentine’s Day weekend to raise funds for The Children’s Tumor Foundation. They encourage you to dress in your “bedroom best,” which I’m sure makes for some interesting costumes. Check out locations here to see if there is a race near you.


What’s your favorite small fitness apparel retailer?

Have you ever done a Cupid’s Undie Run? What’s the craziest costume you’ve worn for a race?


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