1) Totally love all the comments and discussion that yesterday’s post brought! 🙂 And I loved learning all the favorite random times of the day that people like to work out. It proves that there really is no bad time to workout!

2) Thank you to all who entered my Easy Canvas Prints giveaway! The winner will be contacted today, so stay tuned. 


Are you sick of me talking about my injury yet? Because there is something else that I’ve learned from this whole situation. 

I have learned that for the past couple of years, I have been skating through my runs, workouts, everything. I have been going out for runs, which is awesome in itself, but haven’t been pushing myself. Instead of trying to make myself better, I have been fine just going through the motions. 

Which is still exercise, and gets the blood pumping —> great cardiovascular benefits.

But when it comes to meeting goals and challenging my body —> not awesome. 

No wonder why that elusive sub-3:30 marathon has stayed that way. And my body hasn’t transformed the way I’ve wanted it to. 

But now it’s time to change that…

Yesterday I went for a seven mile run and pushed myself… turning it into a tempo run. It hurt, but it was fun! I followed it up with a one-hour workout (more on that later) and a few hours later, some core work. It was intense, and I am sore and tired, but it is what needs to happen to push myself to the next level. 





I am committed to making these my mantras… and moving forward making every single workout have a purpose. No longer am I going to simply put in the miles because it’s on my calendar. I am going to put in the miles because they offer a benefit, whether it’s making me stronger or amping the calorie burn.

Because I WILL meet those goals. I know I have it in me, it’s just pushing it to get there.


So the hour long workout? It’s from a site called Daily HIIT/Bodyrock.tv that many of my friends have used in the past to amp up their workouts and feel the burn. I mentioned it before, but I’m in the midst of their most recent 30-day challenge called Catching Fire. In 12 minutes a day, they bring high intensity workouts to get you sweating. I have learned a TON of fun new exercises (plank jacks, anyone?) and felt myself get stronger. It’s an awesome feeling… and I highly recommend checking it out if you need to switch things up or need to build up your strength.


If you’ve gone through an injury, what did you learn from it?

How do you keep pushing yourself in your workouts?

Favorite strengthening exercise?


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