Yesterday was a cold (for Austin) running day:


Although I don’t have to bundle up as much as I did running up north (or worry about breaking out the YakTrax), but it’s still important to wear the right gear. So you don’t get sick. And so your run can actually be enjoyable and you aren’t shivering every step of the way.

I generally go by the rule of thumb that you will feel about 20* warmer when running. So even when it’s in the teens outside, I don’t bundle up a ton because I know I will get hot once I get going (plus I blame part of this on my German/Norwegian blood since I just seem to operate at a hotter temperature). 

Here are my favorite cold-weather running gear items:



1. Windbreaker

A good windbreaker goes a long way when you are running outside, especially — just call me Mrs. Obvious — when running in the wind. I have an awesome one that I got from a race in Minnesota a few years ago, and I just can’t let it go. Some other good options:

crazyrunninggirl.brooks-jacketBrooks LSD Lite Jacket III


Brooks Women’s LSD Lite Vest
{I admit, I used to think running vests were stupid… but they work really well when it’s cold but not too cold — help to keep your core warm}


2. Something to cover your ears

Wearing a true hat or earband makes my head really hot and uncomfortable. Instead, I wear a Bondi Band.


I love the thickness of these and that it covers my ears but gives me breathability. It works perfectly, even when it gets near 0* (not here, up in NYC :)). 


3. Gloves!

My fingers always get coldest when I run outside in cold temperatures, and luckily was gifted these lovely gloves from New Balance for Christmas. 


They are soo warm, but offer some good breathability. I’ve run in them when its been in the 20s without getting too hot. Plus I love the bright color! 


4. Sunglasses

Especially when you are running in a snowy region, it can get really bright outside when it’s sunny out. I always have to wear sunglasses if the sun is shining, otherwise I end up squinting and with a headache.

My favorites are these from Ryder:



They fit my face perfectly and don’t move at all when I run, which is always a big concern. I also wear these on rainy days to keep my contacts in place.


5. Leggings

Having the right running leggings can keep you warm and comfortable. I have a pair of cold-weather gear pants from UnderArmour that can only be worn in temperatures below zero… they are that warm! I also like these lighter ones from UA, which are great for cold weather.


I am currently in love with a pair I got from Fabletics (similar to these).A lot of companies like Brooks will put the recommended temperature in the description so you know exactly when to wear them. 



What are your favorite cold-weather running items?

What’s your “cut off” temperature for running? When I went running yesterday in the weather above, I was the only one on the trails!





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