Yesterday I found out that my dear friend Kimmy passed away. Her and her husband are behind Afterglobe, and were working towards their dream of traveling for the rest of their lives. 

Her and her husband, Drew, were in a terrible car accident of Friday afternoon due to the icy conditions in Portland and unfortunately, emergency responders were unable to save her. (Her husband is in critical condition but expected to pull through.)

I have been thinking about her since I heard about the news and just cannot believe that it’s true. While many people may disqualify our relationship since we met “online” but she was an important person in my life. We have been friends for more than two years and first met as we were both planning our destination weddings. She came to be a true friend as we had many things in common… from blogging to our love to travel. She was someone I called when things weren’t going well, a person that you knew could talk some sense into any situation. It’s heartbreaking for her life to be gone too soon.

So today… just remember to LIVE LIFE, in honor of Kimmy. Live life to it’s fullest, live life to reach your dreams, live life to the point that makes YOU happy. That is what her and her husband set out to do and they were dedicating each day to reach their dreams. 




xoxo, Kimmy. You will be dearly missed.

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