Thank you for all of your kind words yesterday. Even though I never met Kimmy, it felt like we had been friends forever and I am going to miss our random conversations and our plans for meeting in the future. Just a hard situation to understand and I’m not sure it will ever make sense? 


In honor of Valentine’s Day week, Runner’s World is running a “running and romance” series this week. Already, they have posted some good articles: 


The pieces bring up some good questions… but the most intriguing one —> should you run with your partner?

Personally I think there are some things you need to consider:

1. The reason for running together. Everyone runs for their own reasons and if you are out training for a marathon while your partner just wants to run for fun to burn off some steam, one of you (or even both) is going to end up being super annoyed. Think about the real reason why you want to run together and if it’s just because you feel like you “should” run as a couple, it may not be the best bet.

2. Set a goal beforehand. Like the statement before ^, setting a clear goal for your run will help both people know expectations and what to expect for the run. For instance, if your partner is super speedy, letting him or her know what your pace is before you go into the run can give him or her some time to focus on his running at a different point that day. Or switch his or her training plan. 

3. Don’t be insulted. Most likely, one person in the relationship is going to be faster than the other. So don’t be mad if your partner tells you that it will be a “fun run” when you guys run together or that you can go to the track together, but not run together. And give each other the freedom to pull away if the other wants… again, don’t be insulted by it!

4. Learn each other’s running styles. Some people simply like to run with another person. They don’t like to chat. They don’t want to do anything funky… they just want to run. I love this perspective from the Runner’s World article: 

There are differences between men and women… and even for running with people of the same sex, so make sure you realize those. 🙂

5. Make it a once-in-awhile thing. For me, running is my me time and my chance to really focus on de-compressing from the day. Yes, I like to run with others. It would be fun if C was more into running so that we could run together. But I think it’s important to make it a once-in-awhile thing instead of an everyday thing. I think it goes into the “heart grows fonder” thing. Give each person a chance to run their own workouts, with plans to do it together here and there. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂




What do you think —> should you run with your significant other? Does it add drama to the relationship?

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? How do you celebrate?

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