Sometimes you just need to celebrate the little things in life. 

—> Happy Valentine’s Day. Although I am not a huge fan of the holiday in terms of couples (Slim Sanity hit it on the head with her post), I do think it’s a fun way to celebrate your love for your family and friends. So make sure you show your love for someone… even a complete stranger today! You’ll make them smile.


—> FINISHING a 30-day challenge with Daily HIIT! I am SO proud of myself for doing this!!


And my body is really happy too. I learned some great exercises and challenged my body to new limits… especially this week since I am starting to kick running into higher gear + finishing this 30-day challenge + kicking off a NEW 30-day challenge + ab workouts. Yeah, my days now include a LOT of working out.


—> Teaching my cats really good habits, like how you need to be in front of a computer if you are sitting down. 



And yes, totally accepted the “crazy cat lady” name.


—> Like finding out I’ve been selected as a 2014 PRO Compression Ambassador! I absolutely love PRO Compression! I wear them after tough runs, to make really awesome fashion statements.



But also find that wearing them on the run helps keep me feet fresh. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day or just to show yourself some love, check out these (!!!):


—> This article:



It just makes so much more sense. 


What are some things you are celebrating this week?

Do you have a high pain tolerance? Do you think endurance athletes handle pain better than others?

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? How?

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