Welcome to another edition of Motivation Monday!



This weekend I got to do something that I haven’t done for a really long time — and honestly, never really done to the full extent. I went to cheer on my friend Casey (and the other thousands of people) at the Austin Marathon. 



It was such an amazingly fun morning and so incredible to see all the runners out there. Even though I am a marathon runner, I love seeing other people run races and the determination in their faces. And honestly? I was quite jealous that all of them had the experience to be out there… even those that were grimacing in pain. 

I think it was a great reminder that sometimes… when life gets us down, when things aren’t going our way, when we lose our motivation — we need to find our inspiration. We need to find a reminder of why we love doing what we do. Of why we continue to fight each and every day for the life that we feel we deserve.

So, how do you find that inspiration? There are so many different ways. Some of them are grand gestures — like volunteering or cheering at a big event like a marathon, or spending time donating to those in need at a food shelter or food rive — but there are others that are much smaller and just as meaningful. 

Reading books, for one, are a great way to find inspiration. I personally find the tale of “Duel in the Sun,” or Dick Beardsley’s own personal memoir super inspirational. 

Talking to other people who love the same things as you is also AWESOME inspiration. Last night we went out to celebrate Casey’s awesome finish (4:04, you go girl!) and ended up chatting to a couple of runners who had the same celebration idea. It was so inspirational to hear their joy and excitement. 

And of course, sometimes you just need a break. That phrase — absence makes the heart grow fonder? Yeah. It’s pretty true. Sometimes, when you don’t have the motivation or feel the fire anymore, you need to just take a step back and take a breath. Focus on something else. Leave it alone. And you will begin to miss it. And at that point, you’ve found your motivation to keep moving. 


Where do you find inspiration? 

What are other ways to find that lost motivation?


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