So, I haven’t really talked much about what it feels like to back running. 

Basically this has been my focus for the past few weeks:

I have been focusing on slowly ramping up. Last week, I did a few 3.5 mile runs and one 7 mile run… capping off the week with 11.5 miles on Saturday!

I did not even feel anything in my hamstring so I think it’s safe to say *knock on wood* that it’s healed. I am working through another Bodyrock workout (seriously, these are awesome!) and some of the exercises make it a little bit sore, but I’m assuming that’s a good thing.

Even though it was a rough couple of weeks to not be running, and to admit to myself that I couldn’t run the Houston Marathon, I am happy that I backed off when I did and focused on recovering. <— seriously never thought I would say that (at least the stubborn German genes in me).

So what does that mean for my goal to run a spring marathon? Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to happen… and I’m coming to terms with that. If we were in NYC still, it would be much easier since there are a ton of spring marathons the first few weekends of May. In Texas… not so much. Apparently that is already getting into when it’s too hot to run that far. 

I am thinking about maybe doing Green Bay. I have enough frequent flier miles for a free flight up to Wisconsin and it would be a fun weekend to visit with my family AND run a race. I kinda have to make up my mind soon so I can get in some good training… so we’ll see. 


What are your spring running plans? Anyone planning on some new races?

What makes you decide to pick a race? Price, size, location, something else?

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