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I think one of the biggest obstacles that stands in our way of exercising is finding the time. For working professionals, commuting to and from work and working a full work day (and then some!) is exhausting enough). For parents, it’s hard to juggle time for yourself in between helping your kids and managing a household. 

One of the great things about exercise is that you can break it into smaller chunks of time. So, while adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week), you don’t have to do that 30 minutes all at once. 

Which is great news, because there are little nuggets of time everywhere, you just need to know where to look. 



1. Ditch that habit of looking at your phone as soon as you wake up. I am AWFUL at this. I spend at least 7-10 minutes surfing through my email, looking at Facebook and seeing what’s up on Twitter. FYI, there is nothing going on in the early hours of the day… especially on a Monday. Drop this habit, and get yourself out of bed. In that time, you can do some cardio-intense exercises like skipping, burpees or mountain climbers.

2. Take advantage of your work breaks! It’s no secret that we are a work-obsessed nation, and most likely you have some breaks that you aren’t taking advantage of each day. Get out of your office for 10 minutes and walk around the block. Not comfortable leaving the building? Climb the stairs for 10 minutes. Or, walk the perimeter of your office (yes, you may get some weird looks from your colleagues… but their loss!).

3. Use technology to your advantage. If you have a tablet of any type, you can likely access your favorite TV show through that. This means that you can jump on the treadmill while you watch your show — getting your heart pumping for 20 minutes (30 minute show) or 40 minutes (one-hour show). Plus you don’t have to worry about watching commercials!

4. Get your family involved! If you have a family, spending time together working out is a great way to bond. If you are anywhere near the Polar Vortex, you are rolling your eyes at me right now. 🙂 I didn’t say you had to do it outside! Play hide-and-seek. Try a game of Twister. Create a small obstacle course indoors complete with jumping jacks and box jumps. Get creative! 

5. Schedule it in. Our calendars and email accounts drive our lives forward, let’s be honest. If you are one of those people, use it to your advantage and schedule exercise in. That way, you don’t have any excuses — it’s in your calendar so you are bound to committing to it. 

Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time


What I’ve found through my fitness journey is that once you make the time to exercise and turn it into a priority, it starts to feel like brushing your teeth or taking a shower — just WRONG if it’s not part of your day! And that’s a good thing. 🙂


How do you find the time to work out? 

What’s the biggest time waste in your life? Ummm probably Candy Crush. Such a dumb game but I can’t help it!

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