Ughhh that little head cold that I had last week? It’s still sticking around… I think it’s at the tail end but it’s SO annoying. I just can’t deal with being sick. 



Anyways, yesterday I shared that I was quoted in a super cool article —> 12 running mistakes you could be making

Lots of great advice in that post! But honestly, what happens if you are making one of those mistakes? 

You know, like when you run on an injury because you think it’ll just go away. And then you are sidelined.

Or when you decide to eat nearly a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans and THEN go for a run. 

Those days when you think water < soda.

Honestly, mistakes suck. But when they happen, and you deal with it, it just makes you stronger. And better. It kinda goes along with the whole no regrets thing.

There are times when it’s easy to look back on things that didn’t go so well in life, whether it’s related to running or just life in general, and wish they never happened. But those are the things that make us into who we are today, so you really can’t regret them. They may not be the most favorite parts of life, but they are part of it… so take it as a learning experience and put it behind you. 

That may be the Nyquil talking… ha. 🙂

But just remember this:



What are some mistakes you’ve learned from?

Tell me —> how are you getting your sweat on?

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