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Woo woo! If you are new to the series, my goal for 2014 is to profile 50 of the best health and fitness influencers on the web to help you achieve your goals and keep your inspiration high! Check out who else has been featured so far here

I absolutely love the beautiful ladies behind Fun and Fit, Kymberly and Alexandra. They are identical twin sisters and share such amazing tips and information. I have learned a great deal from them and hope you do too!


Where to find Fun and Fit

1. Tell us more about your blog.
I share the blog “Fun And Fit” with my identical twin sister Kymberly. After being in the fitness industry, as well as being writers and editors for over 30 years, we decided to start our blog to help share credible, helpful information, using a touch of humor. It’s evolved over the past 4 years as a go-to site for Boom-Chicka-Boomer women who want to age actively. We want to spread the message that movement, fitness, and health can be fun and accessible. 
2. What is the #1 misconception people have about living a healthy lifestyle?
The number #1 misconception about living a healthy life is that it will be full of punishment, sacrifice and suffering. It’s hard to balance those beliefs against the reality – that a healthy life leads to increased energy, happiness and time for the things people love.
3. What do you think is the most interesting trend in the health/fitness world?
Hmmm, the most interesting trend? I can tell you that I think the most frightening trend is that it’s only possible to lose weight doing HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. That would scare me off, so I imagine it’s totally daunting to anyone who’s new to exercise or has joint issues. But interesting??? I guess I’d say the push toward more organic, non-GMO foods. I really believe we’re near the tipping point, where consumers demand food that works with, not against, the body. 
4. For you, what are your health goals for 2014? How are you making them happen?
My health goals for 2014 are kind of boring, and are the same as they’ve been for many years: stay fit, stay healthy, keep moving and teaching, put food I trust into my body, and do more push-ups than my university students. Oh, I would like to get rid of those last five holiday pounds. I’m making my goals happen by doing something every single day, even if it’s just a walk with the dogs and some bread-baking. I’m also getting away from the computer more. All that time at my desk, frantically chasing this and that on social media was making me depressed. 
5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals?
Find one thing you enjoy and do the least amount of it that you possibly can. Sounds weird, but if I said, “Do a lot of what you enjoy,” it’s too overwhelming. If you do just a tiny bit of something fun, you’ll want to do more. You’ll also find out how easy it was to do a little, and you’ll do just a bit more next time. Pretty soon – Sha-Bam, you’re challenging me to a push-up-off! 



Any questions for Kymberly and Alexandra?

Do you try to eat more organic foods? Are you more aware of your food ingredients?

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