So I wasn’t that optimistic about this year given how January kicked off the year. I’m not saying it was terrible, but it just wasn’t the best start with a lot of really annoying little things. 

This month also had some not-so-great news as one of my dear friends was killed in a tragic car accident. She was taken way too soon, as she was so close to reaching her big dream with her husband. Her message to always live life to the fullest resonates even more now. 

There were some good points this month:


crazyrunninggirl.austin-capitol{the capitol! beautiful building}



crazyrunninggirl.cowboy-hats{do we look texan now?}




crazyrunninggirl.austin-fog{foggy morning before the marathon!}



crazyrunninggirl.lustre{sunday funday! what else do you do in 80 degree weather?!}


I continued to forge ahead on my goals… including reading another new book, “32 Candles.”


This was a random grab at the library. I admit, I totally judged the book by its cover and decided to get it. SO glad I did… it’s a twist on 16 Candles and a great read. Here’s the synopsis:

This debut novel of longing for family, love, and acceptance finds some interesting territory before settling too early into inevitability. Davidia Jones, a nerdy child of poverty, is abused by her alcoholic mother and despicable father and is the subject of merciless taunting at her high school. But it’s the “Molly Ringwald Ending” that guides this fragile 15-year-old when she bolts town with a lesbian trucker named Mama Jane and lands a gig as a ’40s-style chanteuse in L.A. With a little Hollywood stardust, she redefines herself and begins living the life she’s dreamed of–until James, the rich golden boy she had a crush on back home, walks into her nightclub. Not knowing their connected past, James promptly goes gaga for the overhauled Davie, whose need for sweet revenge adds a welcome dark edge to an otherwise predictable trajectory toward self-empowerment. New Agey embellishments (an “atonement list”) seem like a misstep for a spirited heroine stuck in a middling narrative.  


Trust me, check it out. 

And a complete update on my goals: 

1. PR in every distance

  • Again, didn’t race in February even though I so wanted to! I came back to running and focused a lot on building up my strength, which I think will get me to those golden PRs. Let’s hope that March brings some races!

2. Strengthen and stretch

  • Wahoo! I have gotten so good at this. My hamstring doesn’t even bother me anymore!
  • I am in the middle of another 30-day challenge with Bodyrock and oh my goodness, it is challenging but I am loving every minute of it. I will share more once I can say that I conquered the challenge!

3. Read one book a month

  • YES! In January, I read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. I got a library card.
  • In February, I read 32 Candles. Read above.
  • I started reading one of the books I bought in Australia!  



4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • So my mom bought me yarn to participate in this crochet-a-long project, but I haven’t yet had a chance to get started on it. I have big dreams for this goal but it’s been put on the back burner for now. I will change that!

5. Get in a better financial state

  • I haven’t made leaps and bounds in this one yet… and fell off the map in the weekly challenge. I am in the midst of transitioning from freelancing to full-time employment and as soon as that happens, this will become my #1 priority. 


How was your February? Any BIG news to share from this month? Favorite moments?


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