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In last week’s newsletter, I talked a little about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s estimated that about 45 percent of Americans usually make resolutions, with only eight percent actually making them come true. 

So, now that it’s March, there is a chance that your New Year’s Resolutions went out a few weeks ago. (Only 64 percent of people make it past one month.) Maybe you went on vacation, got sick (seriously, this cold/flu season is awful!) or just got crazy busy at work… your goal to hit the gym a few times a week went down, maybe you could only find interest in drinking Mountain Dew and eating cheese when you were sick (just me?)… but whatever it is, you feel defeated. 

BUT, we are only two months into the year and can you really count February since its the shortest month of the year? Instead of feeling defeat, reset and restart. 

First, figure out where you were successful. Did you achieve any part of your goal? What seemed to work for you, and what didn’t? Knowing this will help you start off on the right foot.



Think about what caused you to temporarily stop. No, fail isn’t the right word here. What threw your life out of whack so you were unable to keep up with it? Knowing this will help you be smarter when it happens again… and help you realize how you can get a better grasp on pushing through the crazy times. 

Now you need to set your direction by setting mini goals. I love love love mini goals. They make it more of a game to hit your resolutions and reward you for progress along the way. Even if you don’t set a reward for it, they give you an opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back and keep you motivated along the way. 

And most importantly, get started! Don’t wait for a Monday, the first day of the month, after your vacation, etc. Just start working on it! No matter how small, progress is progress! 



Did you set New Year’s Resolutions? How are you doing with them? 

What helps you stick to your goals? 

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