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Yep! I was one of the lucky people who won guaranteed entry into this year’s race (seriously, SO lucky!). Granted, I still had to pay the *ouch* registration fee… but so excited to be headed back up to NYC!


Speaking of destination races… Runner’s World has a chance to win an AWESOME one!

I went to Iceland for a getaway a few years ago. Such a beautiful country with TONS of great things to do. 






And now you potentially have the chance to do the same AND run in Iceland… Runner’s World is giving away a trip to Iceland with free entry into the Reykjavik Marathon (for TWO). Sounds like the perfect getaway. 

You can enter here. Or not, then I have a better chance of winning. 😉


Anyone else running TCS NYC Marathon in November? Who’s in the lottery?

What’s your favorite place that you’ve ever visited? 

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