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Is anyone else super pumped about Spring Forward? Granted the whole losing an hour (of sleep) is never fun, but I love that the days are a little bit longer. You can never have to much sunshine, right? 

I think that it is way easier to eat healthier during the summer months. You have way more fruits and veggies that are in season (watermelon, anyone?) so there are way more options. Don’t get me wrong, I do love some of the winter veggies, but they aren’t as sweet or as easy to eat as on the run as some other summer ones. 

That being said, you don’t have to wait until these yummy foods are in season… here are five easy tips for eating healthier starting today:



1. Drink more water.
Last week I shared 8 reasons why you should drink more water, and it’s true: drinking more water can help you eat less calories (because sometimes you think you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty). Bring a water bottle with you and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to skip those sweets and those sugary drinks.

2. Measure your portions. 
I’m talking, get out the measuring cup or measuring spoon and actually see how much food you are eating. You will most likely be surprised at how big your “eyeballed” portion is compared to what it should be. I am the absolute worse at this when it comes to cereal.



Seriously, their measly 1/2-cup portion doesn’t get you anywhere. <— this is a sign that instead of eating double the portion size you should, you should add in a fruit or protein to finish out your meal.

3. Don’t buy it.
I have this theory when I have junk food in the house. I am going to eat it at some point, so why not eat it now? Anddddd commence binge eating of all the candy. To save myself from doing this and feeling awful about myself, I just don’t buy it. Or make those cookies. Either way, if it’s not in my kitchen, I don’t have access so I’m not going to eat it. 


4. Just three bites. 
This is one of my favorite tips from Jillian Michaels. So say you are in that situation at work where you walk past those donuts 17 times but they are just calling your name. Jillian says that three bites is enough to satiate your craving and get them out of your head, without hurting your diet too much. So, try it. Give yourself three bites… three bites where you enjoy every single chew, and move on. Drink your water. 

5. Find good recipes. To truly be successful at eating healthier, you need to set yourself up for success. Don’t cut up some celery and carrots and force yourself to eat it because it’s what you should be doing. There are SO many options out there for eating healthy, you need to find what works for you.

Make some homemade hummus (chickpeas in a food processor with some olive oil and garlic… done) and cut up some carrots, cucumbers and green peppers (one of my favorite snacks).

Air pop some popcorn and add some spices instead of butter. (cinnamon = sweet; Laurys = zest)

Make almond butter (put some almonds in a food processor and wait… good to go) and eat it with your apple or other favorite fruit. 

Whatever it is, eating healthy does not have to make you feel like you are missing out on good food or feel like you are starving yourself. Some of my favorite resources for health recipes include:


What are your favorite summer fruits and vegetables? 

Favorite healthy snacks? Where do you find your recipes?


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