Since my birthday is just around the corner (*hint* *hint*) (just kidding) (not really), I have been thinking about all the fun and cool fitness things that I want need because sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right?

Topping my list right now includes… 

1. A new GPS watch!

When we moved to NYC, I dropped running with a GPS watch. It was too hard to get a signal and since I had a packed schedule, I didn’t have time to stand outside and hold my wrist to the running gods to hope that they would give me the signal I needed. I think this definitely had its pros and cons, but now that we are out of the concrete jungle, I am ready for a new GPS watch so I can actually see what pace I’m running. 

I would love to get this Garmin (or any of them would do the trick for my needs, really!):


But have also heard great things about Polar? Thoughts?

2. A new skipping rope

Having a skipping rope (not jump rope. jump rope = what little girls have) on hand is an easy way to create a quick cardio workout when its a strength training day. The one I currently have is a little annoying (bulky and twisty). Oh how I would love to get one an RX Jump Rope (tip: if you follow them on Facebook, they hold a contest each Friday to give one away! All you have to do is guess what number they’ll pick!):



3. Registration for the Austin 10/20!

The Austin 10/20 is a 10 mile race that is held in Austin and features 20 bands (so fitting for the Live Music Capital of the World, right?). I have heard mixed reviews about this race, but I would love to run it just to see what it’s all about.

Plus the medals for this year’s race is pretty awesome:


4. An awesome gym bag.

So when it comes to having to pack for a workout later in the day, I tend to throw everything into an old Target shopping bag. Not cool. I seriously need to upgrade my options, and I love this one from Apera:


I think with a more adult bag, I would be more motivated to hit the track for sprints…? 

5. New shoes!

I love how Brooks redesigned the Glycerin 11s (my current running shoe of choice). The colors, the shape and still all the great cushion? Count me in. I think my current Glycerins (9s?) have a 100 or so miles to go so it may be awhile til I actually get to run in these beauties…


What fitness gear is currently on your wish list? 

GPS people! Favorite watch?


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