I am so excited about My Oatmeal. Have you heard about this great site? It gives you an option to create your own custom healthy oatmeal creation! They have really fun flavors, like cookie dough and banana bread. You can combine it with tons of dried fruits, nuts and sugars to make the exact creation that speaks to you. I am so excited because usually I really don’t like oatmeal that much (anyone else?). I feel like it’s kinda mushy and just meh. 

One of the things that I am most thankful for from my 30-day challenge is learning some great new strengthening exercises! I think trying new exercises switches things up and gives you a chance to keep working those muscles without getting bored. 

Here are my favorite ones:

Mountain Climbers



You are going to think I’m a huge dork. But I realized that I have been doing mountain climbers wrong for my entire life! I was doing this weird switch leg thing, which I don’t think is more effective. Anyways, mountain climbers are a quick and easy cardio exercise that you can integrate as a “break” between strengthening exercises. 


Switch Lunges


These are seriously SO FUN! (Yes, I’m calling lunges fun!) Anyways, adding the jump as you switch from one leg to the other makes it a bit more fun and for people like me who have no balance, an opportunity to concentrate a little bit more. 🙂 You can either try to do a certain number of switches or do it for a certain amount of time in a HIIT workout. 


Plie Squats



Not feeling the burn from your current squats? Try these — plie squats. You take a wider squat stance and well, squat. If you still don’t feel the burn (what are you, a bodybuilder?!), add some weights. These are great to work the inner thighs. 


Spider Push Ups


If you are like most runners, you are probably suffering from t-rex arms. Yep, me included.

I love/hate spider push ups. They are SUCH a great arm workout… but oh man, they BURN… if you are bored with the average push ups or just need a new challenge, try these babies. 


And last not but least… 

Plank Jacks!!


These are by far the BEST new strengthening exercise that I learned! Basically, you get in a plank position and do a jumping jack, “jumping” your legs in and out. To really make it tough, add a “clap” — where you jump your feet together in the middle in the air. Purely awesome. 


Favorite breakfast food?

What are some fun new strengthening exercises that you’ve tried? 


Regarding My Oatmeal: Thanks to Fit Approach, I received a chance to try My Oatmeal for free for exchange for my original thoughts and opinions on the product.

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