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This week, I am SO excited to feature Alysia from Slim Sanity! Fun fact: Alysia and I used to waitress together back in Wisconsin and now we both randomly live in Texas. She is a HUGE smarty pants and now has a Ph.D. Um, right?! Anyways, enjoy!


Where to Find Slim Sanity

1. How did you come up with the name for your blog? 
Probably about 2-3 months after I started blogging, I realized that health and fitness was my blogging niche. I wanted to come up with a name that would convey that. The name credit has to be given to my fiance, Kyle. I think it was during the ‘Lin Sanity’ period (if any of you watch basketball) and he came up with it. I loved it right away!
2. What do you think is the hardest thing about living a healthy lifestyle?
For me, it’s always having enough food with me to resist temptations of junk food laying around the office. I have a crazy appetite and it’s the hardest on busy days when I’m running around and can’t bring a whole lot with me, or if I just happen to forget one of my snacks at home. I have a hard core sweet tooth and I’m always tempted to run to the vending machine for a candy bar when I forget my cantaloupe at home!
3. We can now call you Dr. Slim Sanity! How did you stay healthy during the craziness of getting your Ph.D.?
Oh gosh. Well, I definitely had my share of meals out to eat during my defense prep time period. But I tried to order healthier options, and followed my number one guilt-free rule, which is to stop eating when I’m full. I always had lots of food with me throughout my dissertation prep. When I study I’m always way hungrier than usual (I didn’t think that was possible). As far as workouts go, I didn’t have a whole lot of formal workouts. I did a lot of walking around in the halls though. Breaks to get on my feet and away from the computer screen, making sure I hit at least my 10k steps a day. These are really things I did all throughout my time as a graduate student!
4. What do you think is the biggest misconception about food?
This is a good question. I can think of so many of these. I’ll say, that certain foods are ‘forbidden.’ A person is not ‘cheating on their diet’ by having that piece of birthday cake for a co-workers birthday. It drives me crazy when people say these things to me at work. All things in moderation! Eating healthy isn’t dieting if it’s your lifestyle. It’s just how you eat. Food should be enjoyed, and you should have those indulgent foods you love from time to time.
5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals? 
My number one tip is consistency. And patience. (Can I choose two?) Getting into a routine is essential. Food prepping, learning the healthy foods you like and work for you (don’t shove your mouth full of kale just because it’s healthy, there are healthy foods that you will enjoy, I promise!), waking up early in the  morning to workout… these are all things that will become easier the more you do them. Patience is key too, because you need that most of all to see your results. There is no three-day-to-lose-10-pounds diet pill. Just time and healthy habits will get you there!
Any questions for Alysia?
Do you “forbid” any foods from your diet?


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