This weekend we ventured to Houston to go to Rodeo Houston. Rodeo Houston is the world’s largest indoor rodeo so after seeing a few rodeos in Wisconsin, I knew I was in for a treat.

The main goal of our trip was to see Blake Shelton! I cannot believe that you can get tickets to see him for so cheap. But hey, no complaints.


We spent some time wandering through the grounds and eventually ended up inside Reliant Stadium, which looks completely different than it does during football season. The football field is covered in dirt and it looks like you are inside a barn. Luckily it doesn’t smell that way. 

crazyrunninggirl.rodeo2{bull riding}


We watched a few different events, but one of my favorites was the calf scramble. They let 25 or 30 calves loose in the pen and then 50 FFA students from across the Texas try to catch them. The students who catch one, get to keep it and raise it for the next year. It was so funny to see the different ways that they tried to catch their calf; one girl had hers in a headlock, ended up in between the calf’s legs, and he continued to walk with her hanging there. 

Oh, and another interesting one was I think called the chuck wagon races? We thought at first that it was their form of “advertising” because these buggies came out with logos on the back:



And all of a sudden they were racing around the stadium… 


It was super fast and crazy. 

And then it was time for the main event… 



…and Miranda Lambert came for a visit! 



Such a fun night. And of course we finished off the weekend by buying a new Texas drink from Absolut:

crazyrunninggirl.absolut-texas{it’s really good — the cucumber cools it at first, and then you get the bite at the end. luckily mixing with cranberry cut the spice a bit ;)}


How was your weekend?

Have you ever gone to a rodeo? What did you think?





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