Happy happy Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend (I did!).

Anyways, the start of a new week = a great reason to challenge yourself. 

I spoke about this briefly a few weeks ago in regards to trying something new. But you don’t have to try something new to challenge yourself. 

I think challenging yourself can go so far as tacking on an extra 10 minutes to your run. Or doing an ab routine at the end of your workout, instead of lying on the floor motionless. Maybe its challenging yourself to drink more water

No matter the challenge, it will do you some good:

  • It will help you test your limits… in a good way. Pushing ourselves that extra little bit is what takes us to that point where you start to change. When it comes to working out, this is the point when you really start to make a difference in your muscles.
  • You will learn something about yourself. A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to a 30-day workout and successfully finished it. I had never followed through with something like that before and I learned that I can do it. You will be surprised at what you can do.
  • You will improve. Remember that old saying, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you? SO true. Challenges help us to become stronger, both physically and mentally, and teach us what we can really do. 
  • It will open your eyes. Just like trying something new, challenging yourself to go beyond what you normally do will open your eyes… perhaps you will realize that it’s not that hard. Or maybe you will learn that it doesn’t work for you. Either way, it’s a learning experience… and without learning, we can’t truly grow. 




So this week, I am starting a new challenge: a no-sugar challenge. This terrifies me, but as tough as it will be, it will be a GREAT learning experience. I will learn all the foods where sugar hides and you don’t expect and maybe I will learn I don’t need Mountain Dew in order to live… 🙂


So, what will you challenge yourself to do this week? 

What has your fitness journey taught you about yourself? 

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