***Yesterday I successfully made it through DAY 1 of the no-sugar challenge!***
Oddly, the hardest time was around 11 a.m. because I was craving sugar (I guess it doesn’t help that I usually have a sugary breakfast and a sugary snack by that time of day usually). The rest of the day went by OK, and I learned that some interesting foods have sugar in them: ranch dressing, BBQ sauce (at least Kraft’s version), ham. I learned that cheese does not! <— this makes it that much easier.





Anyways, sometimes I am completely oblivious to things and yesterday I took a running survey for fun and found out that some people think that running with music is cheating? 


When I first started running, I ran with music. It helped me get out there and stay motivated on the run. Knowing that a favorite song was coming up one or two songs later made it easier to pass the time. I switched to a no-music runner once I signed up for my first marathon, because at the time, running with headphones was banned. 

This rule has since been removed and it only applies to elite athletes. 

So, of course, there is a debate that rages on in terms of elites and music, but that’s another can of worms I don’t feel like touching. 

But when it comes to a normal person running, some people consider that running with music is cheating. 

Because the music elevates your feet off the ground and gives you an unfair advantage? Because music is a magical drug that makes the pain disappear? 

Either way, WHAT? Perhaps it gives you an “unfair” advantage, like drugs that are banned for cheating. But an “unfair” advantage against who? Most people run for their own reasons. That’s part of the magic of running. So, if you run with music because it makes you happy, do it (but do it safely… like with one headphone out). If you don’t run with music because that makes you happy, go for it. 

Personally, I like to get lost in my thoughts and after training myself to run without music, it seemed like the natural thing to do. However, I have never even considered that the music-loving runner would be “cheating” or getting an “advantage” in their run because of it. 

Let’s just file this under things that make you go hmm. 

What do you think? Is running with music cheating? 

Do you run with music? Why or why not? 

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