I cannot believe we are already saying farewell to March and hello to April (I really hate that tomorrow is April Fools’, mostly because I am always gullible to fall for something). March has always been one of my favorite months (along with October!), I think because there are so many awesome things that happen… Daylight Savings, my birthday, March Madness, Spring Break, spring weather!

I felt like 2014 started off on the wrong foot but it has grown on me. March was a spectacular month all the way around, I must say. I am really excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position in Austin and start my new job TODAY! So add that to the list of great things, which also includes:


crazyrunninggirl.march1{an attempt at looking Texan… did it work?}


crazyrunninggirl.march2{excited to be part of the Women’s Health Action Hero team this year!}


crazyrunninggirl.march3{birthday weekend adventure at the gun range}

crazyrunninggirl.march4{my birthday weekend dinner… best BBQ. Ever.}


crazyrunninggirl.march5{super cute mug I got as a birthday present!}




crazyrunninggirl.march6{my latest DIY project!}


So, I tried to continue my goals that I set at the beginning of the year. For the first time, I didn’t read a whole book this month. #sadface

A complete update on my March goals and progress this year:

1. PR in every distance

  • No races in March… but I have two races on the calendar in April! Things will be happening.

2. Strengthen and stretch

  • I just started a 21-day challenge with Bodyrock.tv earlier this week, so I am still focusing on strengthening and stretching on a regular basis.
  • I could definitely spend more time with the foam roller. But the couch is just so comfy at the end of the day…

3. Read one book a month

  • YES! In January, I read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. I got a library card. In February, I read 32 candles.
  • In March… I started reading one of the books I bought in Australia!  
  • …and I will finish it in April! Along with another book. Maybe Diane Chamberlain?



4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • I am busy working on another baby blanket for a friend and also started on my Boston Marathon scarf! Definitely rocking this goal!

5. Get in a better financial state

  • So, now that I am back to work, this will become more of a priority so hope to have more updates in April and May. Stay tuned!


What was your favorite thing about March? What’s your favorite month? 

Any book recommendations?

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