This year, I have the opportunity as serving as a Women’s Health Action Hero. I am SO excited for the opportunity! Women’s Health is an amazing organization and it feels great to help spread their mission, along with an initiative close to their heart — Run 10 Feed 10. More on all that later, though. 🙂

As part of my participation, I was given the opportunity to try out some gear from from Heidi Klum for NB Collection. I absolutely love Heidi and I love this partnership even more!

I had the opportunity to try shoes, workout pants and a tank. 

The Shoes
I am SO in love with these shoes!




It doesn’t come through on the picture very well, but the black mesh has sparkles! Score! They are very lightweight and flexible. I am not sure if they would provide me the support that I need for running (lots and lots and lots of heel cushion), but I love wearing them for strength training and hitting the gym. They are so comfortable and make it much easier to do quick moves like plyometrics. 


The Pants
I will admit, when I opened up these pants, I was super skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I would like them at all. 




As you can see, they are kinda poofy, which is something that I’ve never tried before. The verdict? Absolutely LOVE them! They are the perfect length and the loose fit works well when you are moving around. Plus, they aren’t too heavy so I think they will work for most months out of the year. 


The Tank
I knew from the moment I opened the package that I loved this tank



It is loose fitting, super light and has some unique style elements. I know this will be a favorite tank this summer in Austin, when the temperatures get REALLY hot and I just about melt. 


With the apparel items, Heidi includes her thoughts on each of the sales tags:



I love this! It helps you understand the product a bit more and shows that she’s invested in the collection. I have heard great things about the HKNB running shorts and definitely want to try those out next. 


Have you tried the HKNB collection? What did you think? 

Any awesome new gear you’ve tried out lately? I want to hear about it!

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