The following blog post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Spring is FINALLY here (except for you folks up in the Midwest, is there yet another snowstorm coming your way?!)… which means it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe with some fun, bright colors and new fabrics. 

Thanks to FitFluential and PUMA, I had an opportunity to try out a few of PUMA Fitness’ new products over the past few weeks. 


Spoiler alert: They are quite awesome!

I first tried out the Gym Tank on a toasty run in Austin. The fabric, which is made with coolCELL technology (draw sweat from your skin), made me stay cool even though it was humid and gross out. As you can see above, the straps on the tank are awesome — they had a pop of color and an element of fun. Plus, who doesn’t love sporting (pastel) Packers colors?! 

When I hit the treadmill for one of my speed workouts last week, I decided to try out the Mobium Elite v2



The interesting part about these shoes, is the fact that is has a band on the bottom of the foot — known as the Mobium Band.



This, combined with the other features of the shoe, helps the shoe adapt to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot does in stride.

You can definitely tell a difference in the shape and general feel of the shoe — the outside of my foot was confused for the first mile or so (a little sore), but bounced back and felt normal afterwards.

I also tried out the All Eyes On Me 3/4 TightHow awesome is the texture of the fabric?



These focus on keeping you cool and dry with its moisture-wicking properties, making it work well for any sport you may tackle.

Plus, they look good when you pair them with the Gym All Eyes On Me Jacketwhich also boasts the coolCELL technology. I love that it is something that you can wear working out on a cool spring day, or something you can pair with jeans and wear out for a casual look. 



So, if you’re in the market for some new gear this spring, definitely add PUMA Fitness gear to your list — with their new features and styles, you won’t be disappointed. 


Do you update your wardrobe (either real life or working out) when seasons change? 

What do you look for in new work out gear? 




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