Today’s Statesman Capitol 10,000 (known as Cap10k) marked my FIRST race in 2014 and my first one since we moved to Austin! Woo woo!

I really didn’t put much pre-race prep into this race. We had some beer yesterday as we watched the Final Four so yeah, maybe not the best way to fuel before a race? But that’s OK. I woke up at 6:15 a.m., well before my alarm, to hear pounding rain outside. My first thought was ugh, I have to run in this?! But luckily when I woke up to get ready for the race, it was back to being cloudy. 

crazyrunninggirl.cap10k{first race running in a hat… #love}


Since we are only a mile or so from the start, I decided to jog there. It was a great way to warm up and stay warm until the start, especially since it was a little chilly (let’s just say most people were decked out in pants, capris, long sleeves and sweatshirts) by Texas standards.



Even though I had heard that this race can be packed (it’s the largest 10k in Texas and one of the top 10 largest in the country), I didn’t have any issues with having to weave around people. At the start, they clearly label the corrals with estimated pace and finish time, making it easy to find where you should be.

I loved the first mile as we headed up Congress to the capitol building (it’s so beautiful!)… and then the hills started. Oh, the hills.

It was pretty hilly for the first three miles and then it started to level off a bit. Whoever said Texas is flat was dead wrong (at least when it comes to Hill Country).

I loved the last mile because it was in an area I was familiar with, which is always helpful when you’re reading for the finish line! Oh, plus one of my favorite things happened — we hit mile 6 and then had a right turn right before we hit the last .15 miles for the finish. I love having the turn for an opportunity to “turn and burn.”

I finished with a time of 49:25, a bit off my PR… but a time I’m happy with given the challenging hills. I have a lot of work to do to hit those PRs this year!



Bottom Line: Fun race at a great price, challenging course but no surprise considering all of Austin’s hills. 🙂

What you need to know:

  • Even though I just registered about a week ago, I felt that the race prices were awesome. You can usually find some coupons online if you search on Twitter or register for their newsletter. 
  • Be ready for hills. 
  • There are spectators, live music and water stations along the course… extra bonus for the entertainment and fluids! 


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