I feel like life has been crazy for the past two weeks… but crazy with great things! There has been a lot going on, but the biggest thing has been starting a new job so I am getting back into the swing of things… the swing of not having all day, every day to do what I want. No complaints, though, I am excited to get back to work. 

When I quit my job last August, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go next… it was such a bad work situation that I just wanted out. I figured it out and so far, absolutely LOVE where I’ve landed. 

Anyways, that means some readjustment with other areas of life… I am back to *early* morning runs. It’s super odd because there are no other runners out. It’s not that early, so it surprises me that other people aren’t running… 

This means I’ve been slacking on my Bodyrock challenge… 



…but once I get into my new schedule, I know I’ll be back at it. 

Otherwise, life has been busy adventuring in Austin… 





…trying out new restaurants… 



…finishing up my marathon scarves



…and getting sad that my bracket was busted… 



What’s new with you? 

Favorite thing happening in your life right now? 



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