I have to share this picture from this weekend’s race because it is one of my recent favorites from race day:


I feel like I look super intense… thanks to the hat! (As you may have read, this is my first race running in a hat and it was great! I think it will become a staple on rainy race days.)

So a few weeks ago, I was reading one of my magazines and there was a coupon to try Graze Box for free. I love trying things out for free (this is how I found my love for Fabletics, too!). 

My Graze Box came last week and it was chocked full of goodies:


  • honeycomb flapjacket
  • brooklyn bites
  • cherries & berries
  • fruity mango chutney


They also include a nutritional page that outlines all of the ingredients and nutrients. (note: they do have options for people with food allergies, as well as a special calorie counter box with low-cal snacks.)

So far, I’ve had three out of the four (with my last one sometime this week). My favorite has been the honeycomb flapjacket — it was like a healthier rice krispie treat and so yummy. The cherries and berries were a fun twist on Craisins. I also enjoyed eating the Brooklyn bites! 

My favorite part is that they are all individually packaged so it makes it really easy to grab and go. 



This makes them really great to throw in your purse or in your bag for work or wherever you are headed and may need some calories. Overall, they are pretty healthy snacks (better than alternatives that you can find). 

With my box, I also got a coupon to share with friends. 



If you use LORAM87RB, you can get your first and fifth Graze box for free. Another bonus is that you can go into your account and say when you want your next shipment. I think mine is set up for every four weeks, but I can go in and switch my next shipment date to a few weeks in the future. It makes it super easy to skip! 

A normal box costs $6. $6! That’s only $1.50 per snack of good quality ingredients. I think this has jumped ahead as one of my favorite subscription boxes so far.

By the way, Graze has no idea I am sharing this information with you or that I even sampled their product. 


Have you tried Graze before? What’d you think?

What are your favorite healthy snacks? 

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