Hoops & Yoyo will tell you that its Second Guess Thursday:


…but in reality its Faces of Fitness Thursday

While Faces of Fitness has primarily featured bloggers, today I am going down a different vein and featuring Bodyrock.tv. Bodyrock.tv has become my favorite resource for strength training workouts. 

In short, it’s a free personal training website. They have a bunch of awesome trainers that record videos with intense HIIT workouts that get you sweating and well, cursing at them. 

I have completed a few challenges with them. The first one I did was Catching Fire. This was a great way to break into it — each workout was about 12 minutes long, which is a perfect amount of time to dedicate to strength training. I also learned some cool new moves!

After that, I decided to go for a bigger challenge with the Real Time Challenge. This one was HARD. Some of the workouts were around 1 hour and 20 minutes, which was more mentally challenging than anything. Being able to say I DID IT was an awesome feeling, though.

I recently dropped out (boo) of the 21 Day Body Rock Challenge.



Like Catching Fire, it features shorter workouts… I think the longest one I saw was 40 minutes. They also have an optional burnout guide that you can buy with workouts that are around 7-10 minutes that really up the burn. Starting a new job has been challenging, particularly as I try to figure out my new routine and schedule. Sadly, I had to drop this for now until I can figure out what that routine will be. 

Anyways, definitely check them out! They are great if you are looking for strength-training resources or if you are just looking for a new workout. All of the workouts are stored on their site so you can go back and do challenges from months or even years ago. 


Have you tried Bodyrock.tv before? 

How do you find time for your strength training workouts? 

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