So earlier this week I talking all the excitement that is ZOOMA Texas… 😉



I am so excited to be back in the racing world after taking too much time off over the past few months. I know new runners think racing is scary, but it’s SO fun! Definitely recommend. 😉

ZOOMA Texas will be held in the heart of hill country. You know those hills that I was complaining about last weekend? Yeah, those will be nothing compared to what I will face on Saturday. 

But that’s OK… makes me stronger, and when I’m at the start of Boston next year, it’ll make that race so much better! 

Knowing how hilly the course is and also knowing that I didn’t train as well as I should, I am keeping my goals light for this race. 

Aren’t you sick of hearing me say that for races? Yeah, I’m sick of saying it. Next up: investing in a Garmin and getting my competitiveness for running back. 

But for now, I’m focusing on:

a) Having a GREAT time. I convinced my bestie Casey to run this race too, so it will be fun to have a girls morning and enjoy the beautiful course and all the sweet post-race schwag (wine!)


b) Getting back to TURN and BURN. This is something I learned from my high school cross country coach. Basically, when you go around a corner, use it as an opportunity to gain a pace or two. It’s hard to do this in busier races, but it’s a fun mentality. 

c) OWN those hills. By definition, this means to feel strong going up and use the downhill to my advantage. I love running downhill… it makes me feel like I’m flying. 


So, will it be a PR? I doubt it. But I do know it will be a blast! Plus I can’t wait for this sweet bling:



And if you’re running ZOOMA Texas,  I hope you can join us tonight at the Mocktail Party with Honest Tea!


Who’s racing this weekend? Anyone else running ZOOMA Texas?

How do you set race goals? Time, feeling, other?

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