This was a busy busy weekend… and all in a GREAT way!

The weekend kicked off on Friday with the ZOOMA “Mocktail Party” where I got to meet my fellow ambassadors and start getting pumped up for the race the next morning. 

crazyrunninggirl.zooma-mocktail{Sarah / Landi / Tempie / Megan / Farrah / Amy}

After an early wake-up call and literally four hours of sleep (so fun to wake up every 40 minutes freaking out that you’ll miss your alarm… I don’t want history to repeat itself. :)), we were on our way out to the ZOOMA course. 



While we were waiting for the start of the race, we started chatting with a fellow racer that had run the course before. She told us that there are 17 hills in the first six miles of the course. 

Um, yep.

More on the ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon tomorrow when I post my recap. Oh, and P.S., the best way to recover from a tough half? BBQ. Lots and lots of yummy BBQ.



All in all, a great busy weekend! And even better when I found out my shoes were FINALLY delivered. In love:




Did you race this weekend? How did it go? 

What was your favorite moment of your weekend? 

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