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Failure. It is a word that we use to define so many things in our lives. One thing goes off track in our lives, and suddenly we are saying that we are failures and ready to give up. But, is that the case? 

Let’s start from the beginning. Failure is defined as “lack of success.” 

As runners, we experience that a lot. We set goals. Big goals. And things happen: we get injured, the weather takes a turn for the worst, or it’s just not our day. And we don’t meet our goals. 

But, can you really count it as a failure? I feel like it’s a word that we throw around a lot when our situations don’t deserve it. 

Failure is NOT missing a goal . 

Failure is NOT having to readjust your goals because of life circumstances.

Failure is NOT doing something that improves your physical being and soul, despite not meeting your standards.

Failure is NOT having to DNS or DNF for your health. 

Failure is NOT missing a workout because life gets in the way. 

Failure is NOT taking a workout easy. 

Failure is NOT getting passed in a race.


Failure is making excuses so you don’t have to face reality.

Failure is giving up. 

Failure is not trying. 

Failure is letting defeat define you. 


How do you define failure? 

Do you think runners are hard on themselves? 

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