After two exhilarating weekends of racing, it is so sad to see my empty race calendar. 

As of right now, I don’t have any races until the fall… 

…that needs to change.



So, what’s next? There are a few races that I’m eyeing up:

  • Chuy’s Hot to Trot 5k (May 3): For some reason, I can’t access this website but it sounds like a cool race because a) Chuy’s has an amazing chips and salsa bar and b) really good margaritas. Plus, it benefits a good cause.
  • Congress Avenue Mile (May 17): I love running one-mile races. They make you feel super speedy! 
  • Reveille Peak Ranch (June 1): Organized by Rogue Running (kinda a big deal in Austin), this race looks incredible. I mean, check out these views:crazyrunninggirl.reveille-peak

    It’s available in either a 10k or a 30k distance… I know I have a goal to get a PR in a 10k, but not sure how I feel about going for it on a trail. The 30k would mean more time to enjoy the beautiful views… 😉

  • Packers 5k (July): I think we need to recreate the amazingness that was last year’s Packers 5k race.packers5k

    They haven’t released details yet this year, but I hope it falls on the weekend that we’ll be back in Wisconsin for vacation. I may have to get a little bit more serious about training for this race, though, because I have a feeling my nephew may be getting fast.

  • Shiner Beer Run Half Marathon & 5k (November): Even though this race isn’t until November, I need to register in the next few weeks for this race. Shiner is a staple in Texas and if you live here and haven’t had this beer, they may revoke your Texas citizenship. 😉 Just kidding. (not really) I’ve heard great things about this race and it sounds super fun. It’s a commitment, though, because you’d definitely have to stay Friday night.
  • MetroPCS Dallas Marathon (December): I want to tour Texas the best way — through marathons in cities nearby. This race tops my list! I am wondering if it will be tough to get into, given that it was canceled last year


Texas runners — have you run any of these races?

How many races do you have on your calendar? What’s your next race?

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