Happy Monday all! And for those who are racing the Boston Marathon today, happy Marathon Monday!

crazyrunninggirl.boston{all smiles in 2014}

I think today is going to be an AMAZING race… the weather looks like perfect conditions (at least for what I enjoy!) for a marathon and with all that happened last year, I know it will be very emotional, yet extremely satisfying — more so than other years, for all participants and spectators. 

I will be cheering for all the runners from my desk and watching out for my favorite elites (Shalane, Meb, Desi). I am really hoping that Shalane and Meb show the world who’s boss, particularly Shalane who has been in the limelight as a Boston native.


Of course, I’m also curious to see how Desi performs, especially since she spent a lot of her time training in Kenya for the race.

And of course, I am hoping that I’ll be back in 2015. I have a qualifying time (which I’ll hopefully make more speedy at the end of this year) so hopefully I make the cut to run my fourth. 



Anyways, GO BOSTON!! 🙂


Which elites are you following? Anyone running/spectating Boston Marathon today? 

Anyone else aiming to be there in 2015? 

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