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This week, switching things up because I think all 2014 Boston Marathon finishers deserve a shout out. It was an incredible race and everyone who raced deserves a HUGE pat on the back… there is nothing like the Boston Marathon and it’s a huge accomplishment for anyone. 

This year’s race in particular brought out a lot of incredible stories. In case you haven’t seen them all, here are a few of my favorites:

—> Meb’s win

        ….and how the American elites worked together to help him get that win

        …and this amazing article giving him the props that he has deserved throughout his career.

…and this photo of him at the finish:


—> Shalane’s awesome race

         ….and her incredible homecoming.

—> The runners who came together to help a man finish (I think this showcases the TRUE runner spirit… and you will most likely tear up or cry reading this)

—> Scott Menzies running in honor of his wife, who was killed by a drunk driver while she was doing a training run for Boston

—> 7 great things about the 2014 Boston Marathon, written by Amby Burfoot (1968 winner)

—> The success of the Marathon Scarf Project


What are your favorite stories out of this year’s Boston Marathon? 

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