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You know how you go into a job interview, and the question you dread the most is “what are your weaknesses?” It’s the worst question because you want to find an answer that shows that while you may have a weakness, it won’t impair your ability to perform your job. So you know, the standard is something like “I like to take on too much… but I know that, so now I make to do lists.” 

Especially when it comes to healthy living, knowing your weaknesses will help you be more successful in the long run (no pun intended). 

My weaknesses?

  • Having a really really rough time getting up in the morning. 
  • Not pushing myself to my full extent.
  • Mountain Dew addiction. #sorrynotsorry
  • Getting into a running rut (running the same route over and over and over again). 
  • Not having the best portion control (eyes are always larger than my stomach). 


Knowing these helps me set myself up for success. I know that to wake up to work out in the morning, I need to set my alarm a little earlier than a normal person would… so I have that time to wake up. 

Pushing myself to my full extent? I’ve noticed this in a few races and now that I know it’s an issue, I can really focus on it and ask myself throughout workouts — can I do better? 

So while some people may think that weaknesses are cons, we all have them. And it’s a matter of knowing how you handle them that makes you a stronger and better person. We will always have weaknesses and these will change over the years. Addressing them are what helps you grow. 



What are your weaknesses? What have you done to get past them? 

What are you looking forward to this week? 


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