Remember how earlier this year I was complaining about how lame 2014 was? Granted, it got off to a pretty slow start but I must say that it has turned out to be pretty awesome with April taking the cake:

crazyrunninggirl.cap10k2 {PROCompression FTW}


crazyrunninggirl.marathonscarves {Marathon Scarf Project!}


crazyrunninggirl.marchmadness{March Madness bracket anger…}


crazyrunninggirl.graze {Yummy Graze Box selection!}


crazyrunninggirl.cap10k-racephoto {one of my fav race pics ever… repping Nuun at the Cap10k}


crazyrunninggirl.motogp4 {MotoGP adventures}


crazyrunninggirl.zooma-llama{new race favorite = llamas at the finish}


With that, an update on goals this month:

1. PR in every distance

2. Strengthen and stretch

  • Also reading this article in the NY Times about foam rolling made me realize how important it is to do foam rolling on a regular basis… even if it’s for less than minute!

3. Read one book a month

  • January: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
  • February: 32 Candles
  • March: I started reading one of the books I bought in Australia!
  • April: …I didn’t finish reading that book… 
  • …but I did read three others! All three were for my job, but were SO interesting. Hamster Revolution (how to transform email so it doesn’t take up all your time), the Oz Principle (about accountability, which can truly apply to any area of life and not just work… loved this book and it truly changed my perspective) and Revenue Disruption (focused solely on marketing/sales teams, learned a lot!) 

4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • Finished two scarves for the Marathon Scarf project
  • Continuing to work on a few other projects (slowly in progress…)

5. Get in a better financial state


How did April treat you? Favorite moments? Least favorite moments? 

Did you accomplish any major goals? 


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