Whoa. So I got hit with a sore throat like no other on Wednesday night that didn’t feel so bad come Thursday morning, but I felt like death by that afternoon. 

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My weekend has been filled with layers and layers of blankets, drinking weird concoctions in hope that swallowing would hurt a little less (hot water and apple cider vinegar anyone?) and trying to convince myself that I will wake up feeling like a million bucks tomorrow morning. 

{this stuff from Birds & Bees Teas is a lifesaver… along with Nuun}


So that 5k that was supposed to happen Saturday morning? Nope, didn’t happen. My running clothes are still in a nice pile on the counter waiting for race day. 

And, since I’m still in a state of “blech,” I’m not even that sad about it. Yet. 

I finally feel human again and like I’m getting better. I can swallow without wincing. The idea of running or any sort of exercise still sounds like the worst idea in the world. 

I always hate getting sick, especially on the weekend. We had tons of great plans and I felt like I ruined them all by being sick. 


I did get to catch up on my blog reading:

  • Happy wedding day to Danielle at It’s a Harleyyy Life.
  • Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl had an awesome half marathon, finishing in 1:24 <— super speedy
  • Ashley at Running Bun knocked it out with the most honest post I’ve ever read in my life about pregnancy, post-partum recovery and everything in between 
  • Love this post from Alysia at Slim Sanity, talking about a recent study that showed that diet during pregnancy can alter the kid’s DNA… crazy.
  • Runner’s World revealed Meb’s training plan that got him the Boston Marathon win… it’s insane. And oh by the way, if you are running the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego half marathon, he will be pacing the 1:30 group. #Amazing


TELL ME: Did you race this weekend? How did it go? 

Best part of May so far? What’s the most exciting news you’ve gotten recently?

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