It’s hard to believe that six months ago, we were busy unpacking our Penske rental truck after driving across the country from Brooklyn. 



When it finally hit me that we were leaving Brooklyn — that moment when everything was out of our apartment and our landlord asked for our keys — I was a little sad. A little bit because we were leaving, but mostly because I had dreamed about living in NYC for so long… and suddenly, it was over. My dream was fulfilled and I had a little feeling of “now what?”

Of course, dealing with a wife in tears for the first hour of the cross-country drive is bound to make a husband nervous. 😉 So I think C was paranoid that moving down to Texas wasn’t the right decision.

Oh, but it was. 

We had an awesome time in Brooklyn, don’t get me wrong. Met some amazing people, experienced some incredible things. It was just time to close that chapter and move on. 

…so here we are in Austin. 


So far, we LOVE it down here. And don’t have any real pangs of missing NYC at all. Some of the highlights:

  • It is SO nice to have a car to haul groceries… and not my two arms. Plus, not having to carry them up four flights of stairs rocks even more (even though our neighbors think I’m crazy because I carry as much as I can the 200 yards from our car to our apartment… if they only knew).
  • I can see Austin’s epic hiking/biking/running trail around Town Lake (well, now Lady Bird Lake) straight from our windows. It’s awesome to be so close to a scenic and “made for runners” trail. No stop lights and lots of friendly runner faces.
  • There is a ton to do here. Yes, I’m sure you’re surprised given that we came from NYC. There’s a lot to do in NYC… if you have money. Here, you can do a lot of random things… like gun range shooting, eating BBQ, Rodeo Houston, seeing a MotoGP race, just to name a few.
  • Austin has GREAT restaurants. Again, NYC has great food… if you have money. We did go to some great restaurants, don’t get me wrong. But Austin has some amazing food. We’ve had Tex Mex, Thai, BBQ, American and everything in between (including some NYC-style pizza, weird how close they get it)
  • I’ve mentioned it before… and I’ll mention it again: the traffic does suck. At any time of day, you’ll be stuck in random, dead-stop traffic. While a lot of it is because of the influx of people living here, some of it is because people just don’t. know. how. to. drive. Merging is painful.
  • The speed limits are so fast… granted, in Austin, you are lucky to come close to driving them, but it blows my mind seeing a speed limit sign of 85 mph.
  • The work/life balance is dreamy. 
  • People in Texas LOVE to hug. After living in NYC for so long, where people barely want to shake hands with you, it’s hard to get used to people wanting to hug you… even if they’ve never met you before. #weird


It feels good to know that we’ve landed somewhere where we aren’t thinking about where we should go to next. With that, happy 6 months, Austin. 


What’s your favorite thing about your city? Why did you choose to live where you live? 

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