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Last week was a rough week. It was my first week back at running/working out and it was HARD. The workouts weren’t enjoyable, nothing even close to having a “run happy” moment. I was tired, sore and just “meh” when it came to any thoughts of having to put in a workout. Pretty much each day I wanted to hit that snooze button…

I’m not gonna lie… I wanted to throw in the towel and tell myself that “next week” was going to make it happen. 

But then I remembered how bad I would feel the “next week” because that would mean that I even that much further behind in regaining my fitness. 

And that at some point, it will get easier. It’s just pushing through the bad in order to get to the good. I think part of the struggle is that it’s been a long time since I’ve been at this point, I have felt like I’ve maintained my fitness pretty well (thanks to wanting to run a million marathons and other races) and now I’m battling through a two-week break, change in climate, a bit of weight gain (boo) and what seems to be neverending allergies.  

It reminded me of a saying that my Dad used to always say when we were growing up, “keep on trucking.”



Similar to Dory’s saying in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming,” it’s important to keep moving forward… and along the way, celebrating the little accomplishments. Even in the moments when it gets tough, it’s worth working past those instead of giving up. Those are the moments that you’ll look back on and realize how much you’ve grown and improved just because you endured those. 

After all, Jillian Michaels would have ever hit her goal — 10 YEARS in the making — if she gave up or said “next week”:



How do you keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough?

Ever had to regain your fitness after a long break? 

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